daax (1993) 

Born in the Balkans and raised by the Bronx, Daax (she/they) is a queer immigrant writer and interdisciplinary artist working with memory and pattern making in a diaspora between East and West.

Daax is currently an MFA candidate in Image Text and a community educator. They are currently working on a manuscript and project called Nobody’s Home, a series of essays, exploring collage and learning her new Mamiya RZ67 after not taking photos for a year. Daax is especially interested in motifs, textiles and cycles as they appear in diaspora.


︎ preservation of autochtonous community & culture
︎ invasion of the socio-political into intimate spaces
︎ the family home as psychological architecture  
︎ the sociological impact of language
︎ etymology as ancestral discovery
︎ intergenerational gifts & curses
︎ childhoods of diaspora
︎ the self as unfixed
︎ memory manifest

︎ mail@daax.world

publications & exhibits 

︎ Parallel States, essay, for imagetextinternet (2021)
︎ Nan’ Tiranë, poem, for Fade/Fail/Flow by Oranbeg Press (2021)
︎ I’m Good at Getting Fired When I Want to Quit, poem, A Romantic State of Mind (print issue) by O Gocë Magazine (2020)
︎ Baklava & Beats, featured photographs & linocut prints, Aperture Foundation (2018)
︎ Homelands, poem, for DIASPORA! by No, Dear Magazine (2018)
︎ In Dream We Meet, poem, for Porridge Magazine Issue 2 (2018)